Monument to Anton Chekhov :

Monument to Anton Chekhov

The monument of the great writer is made of bronze. The statue is approximately 2,5 meters, and it weights about a ton. The sculptor sowed Chelhov leaning against balustrade at the top of a meter-high granite pedestal.

It is worth noting, that it took less, than a month to make the monument. As Anatoly Sknarin, author of the monument, recalls, the sculpture was to be completed in the very tight time limits. In order to meet the deadline of January 29 (that was the 150th anniversary of famous writer’s birthday) the artistic casting shop of the Rostov State University of Construction had to work for 18 hours per day.

There are plans to install two antique street lamps of XIX c., and plant a small cherry orchard close to the monument. 

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