Rostov-on-Don Zoo, Municipal Budget Establishment :

Rostov-on-Don Zoo, Municipal Budget Establishment
Having visited Rostov Zoo, you shall get acquainted with the wonderful world of animals fr om five continents, meet with the animals, which are unique for the zoos around the world, and species endangered in wild nature. It goes without saying that one can see here the animals typical for the zoos: bears, wolves, hippopotamuses, monkeys, lions, and tigers. It is interesting, that Rostov zoo has a big collection of anthropoid apes and non-human primates. The families of eastern black-and-white colobuses, capuchin monkeys, green and red-bellied monkeys are regularly replenished. After purchasing of three Asia's elephants Rostov-on-Don Zoo possesses a unique collection of land giants, which includes Rothschild's giraffe, and pygmy hippopotamus.            
The Zoo boasts big collection of cranes and diurnal birds of prey. White-tailed sea eagle, steppe eagle, griffon vultures, Manchurian and crowned cranes annually breed and carry eggs here. 

In the Zoo aquarium you can enjoy all the splendor of underwater. In terrarium besides two species of crocodiles, there are different amphibias and reptiles, both national fauna and exotic.

Vast fenced areas in the open, wh ere you can see Przewalski's wild horse, lamas and camels, deer and mountain hoofed mammals, kangaroos, cranes, emu and ostriches, other birds and animals produce special impression. Zones with animals match well with arboretum park areas, flower beds, and green turf. Distinct image and special atmosphere is created by a chain of man-made reservoirs. You can make a ride in a horse cart with your children along the Zoo alleys under centennial oak trees.     

Since long ago the Rostov Zoo is a favorite area for family recreation of city dwellers. Lots of diner kiosks and cafes, children play-ground with various amusement rides. Visit to the Zoo is fun in any weather and any season of the year. Don’t lose your chance to enjoy one of the most remarkable place of interest in the south of Russia!

Contact Information: +7 (863) 232-82-91

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Rostov-on-Don Zoo, Municipal Budget Establishment

Zoologicheskaya St., 3


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