The Rostov TV Tower:

A TV broadcasting era started in the Rostov region with constructing the Rostov TV Tower 195 meters tall. The Moscow Steel Structures Institute designed the tower. It took two years to put it up, and it was complete on April 29, 1958. TV broadcasting tests began on the next day, April 30, 1958. And since 1969, color television has been provided. The tower is capable to transmit TV and radio signals to the whole Rostov metropolitan area.

They planned to build a new TV center 350 meters high in 1980 near the Temernik River in the northwestern part of Rostov-on-Don. This tower might have been the tallest in the Northern Caucasus, it was expected to have a viewing platform overlooking the southern city; however, the plans have never been put to life.

Before the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, the Rostov Tower got special artful lighting. The new illumination will make it possible to enjoy a view of the highest structure in Rostov at a quite significant distance both within the city and outside it.

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