Spherical Cinema Planetarium Theater of Stars:

Spherical Cinema Planetarium Theater of Stars
An unknown spherical object appeared in summer 2017 in Revolution Park. The white globe with a star at the entrance and the signage, Theater of Stars, is a spherical cinema, and its huge dome is a 360 degree screen that covers the hall. The hall is small and cozy, it is full of bean bags. This cinema is one of the most advanced, state-of-the-art facilities among its peers available in Russia. It’s a pleasure to know that it is the work of Russian programmers! It is a new step following stereo, 3D, 5D without any eyeglasses!!!
Thanks to the image format and 8 projection units, you fully immerse into what is going on. Each projection unit has its own part of the screen it is responsible for. The image is assembled very accurately thanks to screen calibration, so the picture is extremely high-quality. All the films are specifically produced for full-dome spherical cinema planetariums. Sitting in a comfy bean bag, or rather lying, you have an immersive experience of flying in the open space, parachuting, diving deep down to the sea bed or taking a roller-coaster ride, enjoying the inversion...
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