Rostov Circus :

Rostov citizens were fond of circus performances, and for that reason a summer circus was opened in a park at Krasonarmeiskaya Street, where today there is a Radio-Technical College. The next one was a gilly tent circus “Chapiteau”, which was put in the yard of the Officers Club (Dom Ofitserov), where now is “Zolotoi Kolos (Golden Spike)” café. And only in 1957 the construction of all-season circus at Budennovsky Avenue was completed.

The fist performer in the new building was famous conjuror Igor Kio, and the season was closed by Leo Durov, wild animal tamer. Every star of Russian circus performed on the arena in Rostov: brothers Zapashniye came to Rostov more than once; the Filatovs circus dynasty; Margarita Nazarova – a movie star of a then famous “Striped Voyage” movie; clowns Oleg Popov, Mikhail Rumiantsev, known for circus-goers of all ages as Karandash (Crayon) clown. Famous clown Yuri Nikulin performed in Rostov in the tent circus.                

Today the Rostov circus entertains children and adults with the circus-stars’ tour performances, interesting programs and fabulous concerts.

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