Old Belief Pokrov Church:

In 1913 in the Kankrinskaya Street (now Ulianovskaya Street) for the funds of the Rostov merchant N. I. Panin there was built the stone old belief Pokrov church. It was erected under the project of the architectural academician V. A. Pokrovsky. The temple was constructed by means of using the forms of the Ancient Russian architecture and it made natural part of the city development. Nowadays the temple represents the monument of architecture, the only cult building of the Rostov old believers’ community left since the early 20th century. After the dedication of the temple the holy vessels, icons and ancient print books were donated by the merchant families of Paramonovs, Panins, Solovievs. The temple interior still has only ancient icons of old belief script.
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Old Belief Pokrov Church

Ulianovskaya Str., 37

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