PandaPark in Rostov-on-Don is a family entertainment center: a kids’ play area with a ball pit, a chalkboard, an area with big guns shooting with soft balls, a trampoline park, a kids’ labyrinth, an indoor football field and PandaPark’s hit – ropes courses. There are eight ropes courses with various height restrictions, part of them are in atrium over 20 meters above the ground! A continuous belay safety system is in place to ensure safety for everybody, and a team of specially trained instructors will take care that the courses are done in the right way. By the way, each instructor will give advice how to get over some or other obstacle easier. For those who are not used to active recreation and just accompany their sport-minded relatives at PandaPark, there is PandaCafe

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ул.Пойменная , д.1



+7 (800) 500 56 37

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