Museum of Optical Illusions, Illusion:

The large exhibition of 3D painting is a truly creative and impressive event. 

With the Illusion project, you can pass an island of paradise on a float, dive to the bottom of the ocean, escape from a fast approaching train, walk along a log over the waterfall, perform a split in the world’s best circus, use a flying carpet to fly near a fairy-tale castle in the clouds, turn into a real angel and soar in the clouds, feed a giraffe, play football with a panda, climb the highest mountain without any safety equipment, see exhibits changing perception of reality and do many, many other things.

Visitors become participants of each interactive scene. They can and should touch all the exhibits, sit or even lie all over on them, and, of course, take vivid, eye-catching photos and videos!

The museum also offers for you Ribbon Labyrinth, Dish Smashing Attraction, MirRazh Interactive Space.

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