City River Esplanade :

“Father Don” is in genuinely magnificent framing here: fencing of cast iron, paving stones of causeway, fresh greenery of turf grass, monuments and statuary art. The city river walk conquered the recognized reputation of the favorite recreation area of Rostov-on-Don citizens and visitors.

The tourists coming to City Esplanade get the biggest excitement from encounter with the well known literary protagonists of Mikhail Sholokhov: Nakhalenok and Ded Schukar. Visitors also see here the statue of Rostov Girl, neighborly welcoming the guests, coming to Rostov by river. Their sculptures are never bored without the visitors’ attention. Six compositions of statuary art vivify the embankment since 2013: Fsherman, Crayfish, Painter, the Father Don, Gregory and Aksinia, Horse Dipping.                   

Interactive light-and-musical fountain shall amuse the visitors in warm season. The play of water images made by varied number and height of fountain water jets shall be remembered for long.

Leisure boats and motor vessels are ready to take you to needed location or just give a ride along the Don river practically round the clock. Splendid views open up from the upper deck of motor vessels. Nobody stays indifferent.
City Embankment is the place for any folk festival and public festivity. Every year on City Day each community dwelling in the city cook the treats of national cuisine and take the set tables to the embankment. Here you shall be treated with Tartar
beliash (fried, round open-faced patty with meat filling), Uzbek pilav (dish of rice and spices, typically having added meat), Greek olives, dranik (hash browns) from Belarus, and Ossetians shall not let you go without tasting a glass of wine.   
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