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G. G. Pustovoytov’s Trade House:

The trade house of G. G. Pustovoytov, ship-owner and a great philanthropist, was built in 1910 at the corner of Bolshaya Sadovaya Street and Budyonnovsky Avenue, former Taganrogsky Avenue under the project of architect E. M. Gulin. At that moment it was a considerably large building with the elements of rational modernism became one of the highest buildings of the city. The premises were leased. At various periods the buildings held the Rostov department of the "Provodnik" company, the Russian- French Partnership of plants of rubber, gutta-percha and telegraphic production, jewelry and watch shop of A. Girstein, "Tsentralnaya" and "London" hotels. Since the construction the image of the trade house had changed. The building has been housing the Central Store for decades.
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