The Stone Staircase:

The Stone Staircase is one of the most remarkable sights in Taganrog. It was constructed in 1823 by the means of a rich Greek merchant Depaldo.

The Staircase steps, made of Sarmat stone, were divided by thirteen landings, constructed of the same material. The total length was 113 meters, with each step 7 meters wide.

An octahedral pedestal with a sundial was constructed in 10 years. Its marble dial plate shows time until present.

The Stone Staircase is the witness of Russian military glory. During the Taganrog defense in 1855, the enemy landing tried to occupy the town several times, but the steep banks and valor of the Taganrog defenders prevented that. Then, the enemy sailors approached the Stone Staircase and tried to get into the town this way. The Cossack troops of the Krasnyansky regiment opened gunfire. The enemy had to give up.

The name of the Taganrog children writer I.D. Vasilenko is known in many countries of the world. He dedicated one of his stories to the famous staircase and the sundial.

The staircase exists for more than one century and a half. The green spaces were arranged around it in November 1879. 8 sculptures, 30 Greek and Roman vases were placed there on the festive days of May 1, 1935. The slope was planted with greenery, lit by projectors and lamps. Two gardens with fountains were constructed under the slope. The staircase was reconstructed in 1972. Nowadays, it has become a tradition for all the Taganrog school graduates to meet their first sunrise of adult life at the Stone Staircase.

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The Stone Staircase


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