Tasteful Musical Adventures of Karlsson and Junior:

Can you hear the little motor whirring? Yes, it is funny Karlsson, who is ready to set out on exciting adventures together with you. Together with him, Junior and Clara, you will visit Italy, Spain, Germany, mysterious oriental countries and learn what music is favorite there. Be brave and decisive, help the characters outwit Freken Bok and cheats to festively celebrate the birthday of the most enchanting Karlsson in the end of the adventures.

On the program:

  • September 22, 23 – Tasteful Music, or Incredible Acquaintance of Karlsson and Junior;
  • October 20, 21 – I Love Pasta, or Why they are so Fond of Signing in Italy;
  • November 24, 25 – Musical Treats of the Orient;
  • January 19, 20 – Ancient Recipes of French Music;
  • February 9, 10 – Opera Bread-and-butter, or What German Composers Joked about;
  • March 16, 17 – Musical Spices of Spain;
  • April 6, 7 – Russian Feast of Feasts;
  • May 18, 19 – How to Bake a Musical Cake, or Karlsson’s Birthday.


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